Ugh, I suck.

I smoked a cigarette this morning. I suck. It’s SO hard when they are RIGHT THERE in my face 😦 … but if my boys daddy is going to keep smoking I really HAVE to quit. They need a freaking parent to be healthy and alive. I’m going to have to really block his damn cigarettes out. It is really causing a rif between us at the moment. I’ve quit before for a couple years while he still smoked so I know I can do it again!!!

This morning the scale said 216.2, yay!  A downward trend is still on 🙂 (and TMI but I hadn’t even used the bathroom yet, I almost wanted to take my clothes off and weigh again after the deed but didn’t have the time, lol)

So, on the menu for today:

Breakfast- pumpkin pie smoothie- 220

Snack- apple-60

Lunch- chocolate slimfast-180

Snack- cutie orange- 40

Dinner- ham, baked potato, carrots (still have to look up the calories) estimate 500

dessert- popcorn 100

total- 1100 (leaves me 100 or so extra to work with)

Here’s to another try at a smoke free day and a healthy happy filling of my tummy 🙂


I have to say my clothes are fitting a tiny bit better and I feel like I can already see it very slightly in my face. I’m excited to see myself one month from now… six months from now!… eight months from now!! I’m IN THIS for the long haul!

It has gotten SO much easier. In the evenings I really don’t even think about snacks anymore. I don’t even has as much of an appetite. My stomach has definitely shrunk a bit, when I first started I was hungry and dizzy, stomach growling and very uncomfortable for alot of the afternoon. Now, I’m absolutely fine until dinner with just a little fruit or something to hold me over. Now that is definitely an accomplishment! I am also much more easily turning down offered food. I have to say it sticks with me for the day and I still feel a bit of a loss not partaking with others but I know that I let myself eat pretty much whatever I want at dinner so it leaves me not really feeling deprived. It’s surprising how you can adapt all your favorite foods to fit into a nice 500 or so calorie meal that will still allow me to lose weight!

Hope we have a beautiful day with lots of good health! 🙂 One day at a time!