One day at a time…

This morning the scale said 215.2, yay, almost 11 pounds down! My goal was 214 by Sunday so I might just make it! It’s so wierd how the scale will play around with you going up and down a bit for a few days and then drop a whole pound over night two days in a row! It’s such a love/hate relationship with the scale. I’m loving the downward trend that nevertheless is occuring 🙂

yesterday I ended up totaling 1050 in calories. When I calculated at the end of the day I was surprised, I thought I would have fallen closer to 1300. I was not even hungry, did not even want to snack in the evening. I am really starting to be content in the evening with no snacks or just my bowl or popcorn or frozen grapes. It has become my routine I guess. I can’t believe I broke my snacking habit so quickly. During the day I pretty much just let myself snack on fruit, even if it ends up being alot of carb filled fruit, I figure I didn’t get fat eating fruit and it’s alot better than the other choices. It’s working quite well!

On the menu for today:

Breakfast- pumpkin smoothie

snack- fruit/veggies

lunch- slimfast

snack- fruits

dinner- hmmmm, I’m still not sure… Maybe spag with meatballs because I have some leftover and will probably make pizza for the kids. I’m not sure that I want pizza- I have to look at the calories- I really don’t like eating something that you barely get any food for 500 or 600 calories as I still like a plate full of food. It may change depending on all the temptations that will for sure be offered my way on a Friday at work. If something sounds so great that it’s really really  hard to pass up then I may see if I can work it in for dinner after looking up the calories and whatnot. I’m also kind of in the mood for soup so we’ll see. -ill plan on 600 calories

dessert- probably a nice big 6 cup bag of popcorn for a wonderful 100 calories

total will probably be about 1300 for the day

I’m really annoyed that my back is hurting today. Ugh, I’m trying to lose weight back, just wait a bit and I’ll be carrying less around, please don’t give out on me!!! I really am going to have to incorporate some walking or something somehow (or an exercise tape?) until I can get a treadmill/elliptical. I think my core is just weak, I need to do strength training and stomach exercises to build it up as well as the cardio. I’m going to try to start this weekend with SOMETHING. Any home workout suggestions with no equipment?

Oh and my not smoking sucks. I smoked 3 cigarettes yesterday. Ugh. My fiance is going to be working out of town Mon-Wed for the next 3 weeks so I think that I will quit on Monday. At least then he won’t have to deal with my attitude ( I can barely deal with myself) and I won’t be around his damn cigarettes. I know I can do it!

So here’s to a healthy day full of beauty! Enjoy your day 🙂