I love when the scale goes down!

12 pounds down, the scale says 214.0 pounds this morning! That was my goal for this weekend! Yay! I’m getting SO close to that under 200 goal. I can’t wait!! Soo awesome to be sticking to it! It is just THE BEST feeling to be doing this for myself! I can’t believe I got my bingeing and snacking under control and am eating healthy, doing this right. I’m not starving myself, not following a crazy diet, eating a healthy amount of calories and I feel great! I can do this forever! It’s really not even hard anymore.

Last night I did have to give myself the talk once. I had to ask myself did I really want that food (snickers ice cream), and how badly did I want it… in the end of course I decided I would rather be healthy and get under 200 pounds than eat that ice cream. It was like 200 calories for 1/2 cup and it just wasn’t enough ice cream to be worth the calories so I’m glad I didn’t.

Goals for this week- add in more fresh vegetables, take fruit to work, add in an exercise/be more active, and leave the table when I’m finished so I don’t get tempted.

Today’s menu:

pumpkin pie smoothie

carrots/celery and ranch

chocolate protein shake

pizza and a nice salad

fruit and hot tea

One day at a time is getting easier and easier! I just have to watch my triggers and avoid cravings so they don’t sneak up on me… I got this!!

Have a beautiful, wonderful, and healthy day!