Big events and food..

Today was a great day, my boys and I walked to the subway (about a mile) and went to the St. Patrick’s Day parade here in Washington DC. We have been going every year since they were born and it was awesome to see how much more aware they were this year at 3. They absolutely loved it! It was so much fun πŸ™‚ Of course with big events there is always food… so… the food trucks were there… ugh.. my boys wanted ice cream, of course, and rather than have my protein smoothie as planned I decided to grab a falafel sandwich. I haven’t had one in years and have been thinking about them recently. It actually really sucked. It wasn’t a good sandwich, especially for 375 calories (my best estimate after looking it up). I also had a few pieces of candy that they were throwing.

breakfast- banana protein smoothie- 270

snacks- candy 50

lunch- falafel sandwich- 375

snack- honey roasted cashews, 1/2 bag- 150

total so far- 845

dinner- small thin cut pork chop (pan fried) 120, baked potato 130 butter n sour cream 50, green beans 30=330

total- 1175

maybe some grapes/popcorn with my favorite show revenge tonight πŸ™‚

look at that, I still enjoyed (somewhat) a nice splurge on a sandwich for lunch and came in under my calories! just have to keep it up and stick to the meal plan i have made. im going to write my meal plan for the week today so that i wont have any more days like yesterday where i eat crap because i dont know what to eat for dinner and am hungry.

ohhhh and the scale said 213.6 this morning! I’m almost half way to my first goal of under 200! started at 226!! Getting so close πŸ™‚

hope you’re having a great day!