14 pounds down!

Well the scale is still moving in the right direction despite my bumps and hiccups that I keep fighting. I am now 212.4… Seems like it is forever until I’m under 200. It has been weeks already. Just have to keep it up and remember this is a lifestyle change, not a race, and despite how long it takes my health is improving each day.

Definitely considering the low carb diet but until I have an opportunity to plan my meals and get to the store I’m staying with the protein drinks.  Yesterday, however, I ate real food all day and tried to stay in moderation. It was hard to stop when my portion was finished but I did manage. My calories for yesterday were about 1500. Not bad, not great, but it was enough to keep losing a small bit at a time.

Absolutely exhausted and burnt out with the week. TGIF.