Day 9 of low carb! Two days ago scale said 205.8, yesterday 201.8, and today 205.4. Quite annoying but I know I’m losing and I’m staying on track so it will come soon– I WILL get under 200 soon!!

Yesterday calories were 1,008 and carbs were 12. I’m just not that hungry anymore and feel full after my meals. I worry that my calories under 1200 some days will stall my weight loss but seriously for once in my life I am actually not hungry. I’m eating good food, lots of veggies, and enjoying my meals. I rarely snack and I am content. I am getting used to a healthier way of life. My craving for carbs and sugar are minimal. I think I can really stick to this lifestyle!

So far today I had 2 oz Korean chicken for breakfast with some steamed broccoli and for lunch roasted marinated pork loin with leftover buttery decadant mashed cauliflower.

Here’s to another healthy day that is free from food obsession!