maybe the scale is stuck

I’m thinking there is something mechanically wrong with my scale… lol.. hopeful thoughts. The darn thing just wont move. Past few days: 205.8; 201.8; 205.6; then this morning 205.4… lol, really. It’s like that 201.8 was just a big tease!!! I tried to drink extra water yesterday thinking maybe I was bloated or constipated or something, but still, no real movement, ugh. I want that under 200 so badly. My calories have been around 1,000 for the majority of the past few days so I’m thinking maybe I’m just not eating enough calories?!?! So this morning I cooked my eggs in a little more butter than usual. I really don’t know. I am eating all throughout the day and I’m not hungry. My carbs are always under 20, with the net carbs usually being between 8 and 15. I don’t know, perseverance will prevail!