one is too many and a thousand is never enough…

Weight still didn’t move this morning after finishing yesterday with 900 calories and 17 carbs. That was a whole week of no weight loss at all.

So, I let go today. It started with a lick of icing and ended with me consuming 222 carbs and 2060 calories. When I started it was like well since I started I might as well eat everything I wanted the past week BC I won’t have another chance if I get back on the low carb tomorrow. It was hard to stop myself but easier than in the past. Hopefully tomorrow I can stay motivated and get back on track and stop beating myself up. Ugh. Feeling guilty and bloated us the worst part. I haven’t felt like this in weeks now and I don’t like it 😦

I know the scale certainly won’t go down tomorrow but man I hope it doesn’t go back up. I pray tomorrow can be a positive and healthy beautiful day… The rest of tonight as well…. Man this getting under 200 pounds is no joke!!!!!!