So depressing…

So it’s the start of a wonderful spring break. I really thought I would be at 200 or a pound under by the time spring break hit BUT…  My newfound days of failure are taking over. The plan today was to stick to some planned meals, something I’ve tried a thousand (plus) times. I ended up snacking and eating more than my portion for dinner.

Calories today:

breakfast- shredded wheat with 1/2 cup milk and banana- 310

snack- 1/2 slice school pizza- 240 (it wasn’t even good it was just there)

lunch- turkey and cheese with tomato on wheat flat bread, strawberries, cheese its (wanted to save for a snack later)- 350

Snack- shredded wheat- 1/2 cup 100 (was not even hungry, I was just stressed as I had alot of work to get done)

snack- jelly beans, 100; cracker jacks, 50 (the snack attack from my old days was creeping in)

dinner- shrimp fried rice 1 1/2 cups, 1/2 spring roll, 10 french fries with ketchup-, broccoli – 650

day total= 1800

So insane. It’s like I just check out and eat the food because it’s there and then I need more. I don’t think before I eat. I hope I can conquer this eating problem.

At least I still managed to stay under 2000. Not a success but not the worst failure ever.


Tomorrow it’s back to slim-fast to get my grasp back. I would probably do low carb instead and try again for the lifestyle change but I have a whole case of slimfast that I might as well use. It helps me control my eating/portions and get used to the no snacking. Plus I get to enjoy fruit, a dinner I enjoy, and I know I can stick to it. Tomorrow. The rest of today it’s hot tea/water/crystal light.

On a bonus I’m at 206 and that’s still alot better than my starting 226. I just have to keep up trying and it will work out.. I know I can do this. Just a few more pounds to break 200- no time to give up!!!


Breakfast- Banana Smoothie

Lunch- Chocolate peanut butter smoothie

Dinner- going to look and plan now

Dessert- Grapes, hot tea

It’s only 7 pounds to under 200!! I can do this!!!

Yay for tomorrow being a great day!