Take the good with the bad!

Well, I’ve finally quit smoking!! 7 days now 🙂 !!! I haven’t been pushing myself too hard with eating healthy– I just wanted snacks way too badly– and I went from 206 to 210 (i guess that could happen quickly going from a restricted calorie diet of usually 1200 calories to eating 2200 (one day even 2600! ) calories a day in mostly snacks). Ugh. But, hey, it’s not the end of the world! I’m smoke free!! I have more energy and have even started a little exercising!! I haven’t wanted to exercise in a LONG time, lol, so it was pretty awesome to wake up feeling like I wanted to go for a walk! I walked so hard and fast that my legs HURT for days– I didn’t realize I was so out of shape!! I used to walk like that all the time when I lived in NYC. I just didn’t realize I was so darn out of shape.

Feels like FOREVER that I’ve been anticipating getting under 200. I’ve been stuck in this 200-210 range for weeks n weeks now! This is the week that I get on track to break it! Cross your fingers for me! 🙂 Thanks!