10 pounds in ten days with medifast!

Wow, so my first ten days with medifast were pretty awesome. I’ve dropped ten pounds which is pretty awesome. I’m sure some is water weight but hey thats still less I have to carry around! I am starting to feel more energetic and a bit less hungry. I’m glad medifast is working quickly for me in the beginning (hopefully always lol) because it is so hard to stay motivated when you are obese as ten pounds isnt really even noticeable, I can barely tell at all. I really need like a 20 pound loss to see/feel a difference and usually give up before getting there as it takes so long… so, thanks medifast!!! *crossing fingers I keep with it*

My coach/dietician has said that I can eat more vegetables than what is recommended by medifast, that it will not kick me out of the fat burning stage. Like adding a salad with my medifast lunch in addition to my lean and green for dinner. Has anyone done this or how do you feel about it?

Her big reason for this was that I get a bit shaky around lunch time but don’t want to eat my lean and green then, Id prefer to eat with my family for dinner. Also, I love my big lean and green meal and dont want to take from that. I love a BIG meal… hopefully ill adjust my preference for that some day as tummy shrinks… i just LOVE (but oddly also hate) that full filled up feeling. So anyway she said I can eat more veggies… ???

So, original high weight– 226; medifast starting weight– 220.6; NOW– 209.4!!