25 pounds lost!

HOLY COW! I AM ONLY .7 POUNDS FROM BEING UNDER 200!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO! This morning I was 200.6 (down from 226). I totally cannot believe that very very soon the scale will be in the 1’s!!! I haven’t been there since my pre pregnancy times almost 5 years ago!!

Still wierd though because I can BARELY tell that I have lost weight. My clothes are only slightly looser, nothing serious. I do seem to see teeny teeny tiny bits of differences all over, like my face, fingers, knees, lol, so maybe not so noticeable since it is coming a bit off of everywhere. One month will be on Wednesday and I plan to re-do all my measurements so that will hopefully show me where the pounds have come off at.

Also, quite worried about excess skin just sagging on my tummy. I can see already that it is getting a tad bit smaller but saggy. I had twins which really stretched my tummy out on top of being obese most of my life. Anyone have any tips on trying to avoid saggy tummy while losing weight? creams? exercises? water? I think its going to be pretty bad so any tips seriously appreciated!!

Have a fabulous day!