Loving the 100’s :)

Down to 193 🙂 so getting close to those 180’s.

Christmas 2013 my fiance got me a pair of size 12 jeans as he thought it would be motivating (I was currently in size 16 but told him size 14). I haven’t been able to fit those jeans for the past year and half and they’ve just been sitting in a drawer reminding me of my diet failures. But, finally, this Sunday we were going to get our family pictures done, a yearly tradition at our twins birthday… I had bought a cute dress to wear then we decided to change the theme to do a jeans picture with color coordinated tops… sooo.. decided to try the size 12’s on again and BAM!! they fit well 🙂 I even felt good in them and quite cute 🙂 I even like how the pictures turned out. I usually grimmace when looking at the pictures and although my double chin did bother me a bit I have to say it was the happiest I have been with a picture in years.

I am proud and still going strong. Medifast is my miracle. I pray that I learn healthy ways of eating that can sustain me for my life as I, one day, get close to my goal weight. I will definitely be working with a dietician. Life is good. I am strong. I am beautiful… and I believe it.

We are all our own heroes!