Rockin’ the weight loss still!

I am down to 180.2 from 226! I’m getting quite close to that 50 pound loss mark (and to the 160’s!!). For my height the BMI chart dictates that at 171 pounds I will no longer be OBESE (hate that word) but will simply be OVERWEIGHT. To be in a healthy weight range I should be 106-143. That still seems a million years away and I have crazy doubt that I can do it as I never have before but I can say I am starting to get really excited about the idea of the 160’s. Small goals are more realistic. I cannot even imagine what in the world I will look like at a healthy weight as I NEVER have been since I was umm probably like 5 years old.

It is really pretty awesome to see how your body changes as you lose weight. I start seeing an indent in a place where I never had one and then I see a bone, like oh wow, yeah, there are bones under all my extra padding. Then one day I’ll have a scratch or something and realize, wow, my arm is so much smaller. Things are changing. How I feel about myself is changing. How I feel in my body is changing. How others seem to view me is changing.

I have lost a ton of inches from my neck (also my face looks different), my arms, thighs, waist, everywhere! I have now been able to fit every single thing I own, even from a decade ago when I was at my thinnest at 175. I am really excited to go shopping for some new smaller clothes to motivate me to the next size range.

Medifast has worked so amazingly for me so far. I am so grateful I gave it a shot. I hope everyone else is finding their key to health, whatever it may be for you.