So depressing…

So it’s the start of a wonderful spring break. I really thought I would be at 200 or a pound under by the time spring break hit BUT… ┬áMy newfound days of failure are taking over. The plan today was to stick to some planned meals, something I’ve tried a thousand (plus) times. I ended up snacking and eating more than my portion for dinner.

Calories today:

breakfast- shredded wheat with 1/2 cup milk and banana- 310

snack- 1/2 slice school pizza- 240 (it wasn’t even good it was just there)

lunch- turkey and cheese with tomato on wheat flat bread, strawberries, cheese its (wanted to save for a snack later)- 350

Snack- shredded wheat- 1/2 cup 100 (was not even hungry, I was just stressed as I had alot of work to get done)

snack- jelly beans, 100; cracker jacks, 50 (the snack attack from my old days was creeping in)

dinner- shrimp fried rice 1 1/2 cups, 1/2 spring roll, 10 french fries with ketchup-, broccoli – 650

day total= 1800

So insane. It’s like I just check out and eat the food because it’s there and then I need more. I don’t think before I eat. I hope I can conquer this eating problem.

At least I still managed to stay under 2000. Not a success but not the worst failure ever.


Tomorrow it’s back to slim-fast to get my grasp back. I would probably do low carb instead and try again for the lifestyle change but I have a whole case of slimfast that I might as well use. It helps me control my eating/portions and get used to the no snacking. Plus I get to enjoy fruit, a dinner I enjoy, and I know I can stick to it. Tomorrow. The rest of today it’s hot tea/water/crystal light.

On a bonus I’m at 206 and that’s still alot better than my starting 226. I just have to keep up trying and it will work out.. I know I can do this. Just a few more pounds to break 200- no time to give up!!!


Breakfast- Banana Smoothie

Lunch- Chocolate peanut butter smoothie

Dinner- going to look and plan now

Dessert- Grapes, hot tea

It’s only 7 pounds to under 200!! I can do this!!!

Yay for tomorrow being a great day!

coworker temptation

It is so difficult still to see everyone ordering take out at lunch almost every day. I have to say I definitely think about all the options for what I could order but can never rationalize the calories with myself so I haven’t indulged. It’s been about a month since I ordered out- at work or at home!! That is a pretty darn big accomplishment.

So this morning the scale said 213.4… No movement. I think one reason for that is that yesterday I indulged in chips and ice cream. Although my calories were around 1500 for the day, alot of the food was salty or sugary. I felt so bloated yesterday and still so this morning. It’s the first time I’ve eaten food like that in weeks and it didn’t go over well. I just didn’t feel as well as I have been and I know it was the salt and sugar. Carbs really bloat me up. I know I didn’t eat enough to gain any weight but I do know that to keep losing at a nice pace I need to keep my calories under 1400 and avoid all that salt and sugar. Whenever I go closer to 1500 the scale seems to stop moving.

So far today-

1/4 apple cinnamon whole grain muffin- 40

1 hard boiled egg- 80

protein drink- 165

orange- 60

1 cup broccoli-40

protein drink- 180


snack-? apple maybe, not hungry

dinner- meatloaf, 1/2 cup mashed potatoes, green beans (need to calculate) 500


grapes or popcorn also probably for dessert with my hot tea


Stay on track. One day at a time. I know it will get easier. I think I will have to start making some fresh fruit/green smoothies for breakfast so I don’t tire out of the slimfast. This morning I wasn’t really feeling it.

I also wish that I could eat like a 1/2 sandwich for lunch or some type of 200- 250 calorie lunch. Unfortunately, as of now I still don’t trust myself to be able to start eating and then TO STOP EATING. The smoothie is easy for me to control my calories. I need to look up ideas for healthy lunches and see if I can incorporate… maybe next week with another week under my belt with control. This overeating that I am fighting is an addiction and it’s so difficult because YOU HAVE TO EAT. Its not like where an alcoholic can just abstain. So for me I’m going to stick with my smoothie until I feel a bit stronger, especially after yesterdays snack attack.

Hope you are having a great day.

One day at a time!