I went for it– low carb lifestyle…

Well, after all my deliberation I decided to give it a try– low carb. So, I’m on day 3 of Atkins Induction. I did the phase 2 atkins a couple years ago for a month and I remember really missing the carbs. Then I ate one carby thing and went full crazy for like 2 or 3 days. Hopefully this time I can follow the induction and graduate into the phases. Hoping following the specific guidelines will help me to do it in a way that I will be able to get rid of the cravings.

I’m currently down to 207.2 from 226! Thats about 19 pounds! So I accomplished goal 1 which was go get under 210. Actually stared at the scale this morning because the numbers looked so funny to see a zero in the middle. Will be real funny looking to see a 1 and not a 2 in the beginning. I can’t wait!! Goal 2 is under 200 pounds! I know when you first start a low carb program you drop some water weight, but hey, it’s still less I’m carrying around, right!

I do notice my clothes are getting a little bit more comfortable but they are still tight. But I feel it all over- my tummy, arms, face, legs, even fingers, lol. Oh, actually, I had been using a bra extender because all my bras had gotten so darn tight and I stopped using it a few days ago as they finally fit again! So 19 pounds spread throughout all my body isn’t quite as noticeable, but it’s gone! I don’t even think people can tell. It’s crazy that I let myself get so overweight that I can lose 20 pounds and it’s barely noticeable! But hey, at least I’m doing something about it! And certainly in ten more pounds I’m really going to feel it, my clothes will probably fit properly and in about 20 pounds more I think they will be a bit loose. That will keep me motivated! Also, of course, being able to comfortably go to the beach this summer with my kids 🙂 And fitting in my mother’s wedding dress when I get married next year 🙂

Ohh also since I started the low carb I am so friggin thirsty so I’m definitely drinking over 8 cups of water (and peeing a friggin lot)!

So on the menu for today:

Breakfast- omelet with 2 eggs, 3 sausage links, green pepper, a lil tomato and a tablespoon shredded cheddar cheese fried in 1 tbsp butter.

Lunch- Walking to 7-11 to get a chicken salad

Dinner- meatballs with melted cheese and a mixed greens salad with cucumbers, squash, and tomato with italian dressing.

Here’s to another successful, productive, non-food-obsessed, beautiful day!

I can do this- one day at a time (maybe some day it wont be so hard though, lol)

Great days one day at a time!

Followed according to plan 🙂 Hopefully tomorrow shows some more encouraging results!

breakfast- pumpkin smoothie 220

snack- broccoli and Pinapple chunks- 1/3 cup – 50

snack- Small apple- 50

lunch- slimfast 180

snack- Carrots and 1 tbsp ranch- 100

dinner- chili dog and baked french fries 630 (roll 120, 2 hot dogs 300, chili 1/4 cup 60, 15 fries 130, 1 tbsp ketchup 20=630)

dessert- hot tea with 1/4 packet splenda- 10 and 2 cups popcorn 35

snack- frozen grapes 30

total- 1305

One day at a time!

Quit smoking today as well. Really hope it doesn’t totally screw up my weight loss. I just know I have to do it. Why lose weight to get healthy if I’m still going to fill my lungs with cigarette crap. Totally sucks but I’ll be over it in a couple weeks. Again, hope I don’t end up overeating as so many do when they try to quit smoking. I bought the damn quit smoking gum so hopefully that will help. I was going to quit last Friday and had a million excuses but today my fiance quit so I figure what better time to jump on board with the health boat… wish me luck!

Yay for fruit at a birthday party!

Today was a great and strong day for me. Turned down pizza, cake, and soda for fruit (which I contributed to the party) and water at a birthday party! Yay! That had to be a first, for at least like the past 4 years probably, lol. Also, a friend brought me a whole grain muffin for breakfast, very nice of her, but I politely declined.

Breakfast- Pumpkin Pie Smoothie 220

Snack- apple-60

Lunch- Slimfast-180

Snack- Apple and 1/4 banana-80

Dinner- 2 tacos with corn, lettuce, tomato, with a little cheese and 2 tbsp sour cream-460

Snack- popcorn with 2 tsp parmesan cheese and hot tea-120

Maybe 1/2 cup frozen grapes in a bit-30

total: 1150

I’ve been drinking alot more water. It seems when I’m not overeating I notice my thirst alot more. I probably had 100 ounces of water today. I also had more energy than usual.

It’s becoming easier to not snack and obsess about food. I hope it doesn’t sneak up on me… the cravings and endless need to have something I shouldn’t… I am so happy staying on track…

This morning the scale moved to 218. Ugh. It is just taking forever to get under 200. Funny because I think I could GAIN  15 pounds quite easily. 🙂

Hope you had a great and positive day as well.

One day at a time!! Another day achieved!

The reasons I want to lose weight…

1. To control my obsession with food and focus on all of the other wonderful aspects of life

2. More energy

3. To be able to enjoy going out (and to want to)- from going to the store to get the outfit to wearing it with pride and feeling good

4. To be a better role model for my children and help them to avoid obesity

5. To be comfortable- in clothes and in my body (i.e. jeans, no back pain)

6. To wear my mother’s wedding dress (way too small as of now) when I get married in April 2016

7. To be able to wear simply shorts and a top in the summer, I always find I have to wear different layers and styles that look nice in the summer and it’s just too darn hot. I’d love to just be able to wear shorts and a top.

8. To be able to enjoy the beach more, I love the beach!

9. To possibly be able to get pregnant (very difficult with obesity and PCOS) if we so choose to want to have another baby. There is really something to be said for not even having that be a normal possibility.

10. to be in good health and live long for my family.

In my plans:

Orlando with the kids

Caribbean Vacation


for all three of these things I would love to be thinner so that I can enjoy it more

Edit to dinner this evening- fiance wants to save the turkey roast for when we have people visiting soon- deciding on a replacement

The long haul…

I think I am finally on this for the long haul. I have two kind of triggers in the past-

one is the scale not budging or even going up when I am eating healthy. My scale shows each tenth of a pound so I guess I believe that I should be seeing at least some tenths of a pound each day and it just doesnt work like that for some reason! So for four days now I’ve gone from 219 to 218.6 to 219 to 218.6. That’s annoying. Like am I really still eating enough to sustain 218.6 pounds?? I know a pound takes a deficit of 3500 calories, I know the math, I’m just very impatient- be it the reason my weight loss has not succeeded in the past. It takes ALOT of dedication and belief in something you can’t see for quite some time to stay on track.

the second is not really a trigger but maybe has been like an opportunity- when my fiance (children’s father) is going to be out for the night on the weekend in the past I have planned what the kids and I would order for dinner and would have REALLY enjoyed that meal! It would have been something fatty, delicious, including a dessert, and way too big of portions. I wouldn’t endulge myself like this when anyone else was around really and the kids are too young to really realize how much mommy ate. I would then try to hide one or so of the take out containers in the big trash can outside so it looked like we just ordered whatever was left in the fridge. SO, anyway, last night was one of those nights and I never even considered ordering out. I did opt to make home made cheese steaks and after I added up the calories I was surprised it topped 620 calories. I’ve thought of ways to cut that a bit in the future as I like my dinners under 500. Anyway, it was pretty good, I could account for the calories and adjust my calories surrounding it. After my cheese steak (while he was still home) I probably thought of all the unhealthy/yummy snacks I could eat 20 times (maybe even 100) but chose 1/2 frozen grapes and hot tea. I was really craving that spaced out stuffing my face feeling. But nope. That was it for the evening.

I’m so stuck on my need for food, its almost like I think I can’t BE without it. But, hey, I didn’t really snack last night and I’m still here, still alive, not depressed. I have alot of work to change my thoughts and patterns. It’s like internally I really think the world is nothingness/boring/dull without food. I guess food has been my center, the highlight of my days and nights, my best friend for so long. It’s kind of like mourning a death, not of course to the same degree, but on a certain level, because you have to let go of something that meant so much to you and you really can’t even endulge the same way again, probably ever if you’re lucky. Don’t get me wrong, wouldn’t it be nice to never stuff myself silly again, to never regret overeating- of course! But that feeling is part of my addiction to food I guess- it’s hard to feel satisfied without that filled up feeling. the one that takes over so strongly that everything else is a big blur.

So, yesterday was a success. Frozen grapes and hot tea on a Saturday night home alone with the kids. It’s quite shocking really. And I’m okay, it didn’t kill me. I didn’t drop any weight unfortunately, but it didn’t kill me. So here’s to one more day!

I notice myself so pissed with the scale that I want to just avoid food today and eat like 600 or 700 calories –I’ve alreay skipped breakfast and had coffee instead- I’m stopping that sh** now!! I know that is not going to lead to long term success, probably just a binge, so I’m going to stay on track with my calories and keep with the over 1200 and under 1500 plan that seems to be working for me.  I do think that I should stay closer to 1200 than 1500 but I dont want to restrict calories so much that I deny myself so many things that I end up binge-ing.

For today:

BF- Pumpkin pie smoothie (my favorite)- 200

Lunch- Chocolate peanut butter smoothie-270

Snack- 1 cup carrots/celery sticks and 1 tbsp ranch-130

Dinner- Turkey roast with carrots, 1/2 potato, and 3/4 cup brown rice-450

Dessert- 1/2 cup frozen grapes and hot tea, probably popcorn-130


Thanks for following and supporting me on my journey!