Rockin’ the weight loss still!

I am down to 180.2 from 226! I’m getting quite close to that 50 pound loss mark (and to the 160’s!!). For my height the BMI chart dictates that at 171 pounds I will no longer be OBESE (hate that word) but will simply be OVERWEIGHT. To be in a healthy weight range I should be 106-143. That still seems a million years away and I have crazy doubt that I can do it as I never have before but I can say I am starting to get really excited about the idea of the 160’s. Small goals are more realistic. I cannot even imagine what in the world I will look like at a healthy weight as I NEVER have been since I was umm probably like 5 years old.

It is really pretty awesome to see how your body changes as you lose weight. I start seeing an indent in a place where I never had one and then I see a bone, like oh wow, yeah, there are bones under all my extra padding. Then one day I’ll have a scratch or something and realize, wow, my arm is so much smaller. Things are changing. How I feel about myself is changing. How I feel in my body is changing. How others seem to view me is changing.

I have lost a ton of inches from my neck (also my face looks different), my arms, thighs, waist, everywhere! I have now been able to fit every single thing I own, even from a decade ago when I was at my thinnest at 175. I am really excited to go shopping for some new smaller clothes to motivate me to the next size range.

Medifast has worked so amazingly for me so far. I am so grateful I gave it a shot. I hope everyone else is finding their key to health, whatever it may be for you.

Loving the 100’s :)

Down to 193 πŸ™‚ so getting close to those 180’s.

Christmas 2013 my fiance got me a pair of size 12 jeans as he thought it would be motivating (I was currently in size 16 but told him size 14). I haven’t been able to fit those jeans for the past year and half and they’ve just been sitting in a drawer reminding me of my diet failures. But, finally, this Sunday we were going to get our family pictures done, a yearly tradition at our twins birthday… I had bought a cute dress to wear then we decided to change the theme to do a jeans picture with color coordinated tops… sooo.. decided to try the size 12’s on again and BAM!! they fit well πŸ™‚ I even felt good in them and quite cute πŸ™‚ I even like how the pictures turned out. I usually grimmace when looking at the pictures and although my double chin did bother me a bit I have to say it was the happiest I have been with a picture in years.

I am proud and still going strong. Medifast is my miracle. I pray that I learn healthy ways of eating that can sustain me for my life as I, one day, get close to my goal weight. I will definitely be working with a dietician. Life is good. I am strong. I am beautiful… and I believe it.

We are all our own heroes!


10 pounds in ten days with medifast!

Wow, so my first ten days with medifast were pretty awesome. I’ve dropped ten pounds which is pretty awesome. I’m sure some is water weight but hey thats still less I have to carry around! I am starting to feel more energetic and a bit less hungry. I’m glad medifast is working quickly for me in the beginning (hopefully always lol) because it is so hard to stay motivated when you are obese as ten pounds isnt really even noticeable, I can barely tell at all. I really need like a 20 pound loss to see/feel a difference and usually give up before getting there as it takes so long… so, thanks medifast!!! *crossing fingers I keep with it*

My coach/dietician has said that I can eat more vegetables than what is recommended by medifast, that it will not kick me out of the fat burning stage. Like adding a salad with my medifast lunch in addition to my lean and green for dinner. Has anyone done this or how do you feel about it?

Her big reason for this was that I get a bit shaky around lunch time but don’t want to eat my lean and green then, Id prefer to eat with my family for dinner. Also, I love my big lean and green meal and dont want to take from that. I love a BIG meal… hopefully ill adjust my preference for that some day as tummy shrinks… i just LOVE (but oddly also hate) that full filled up feeling. So anyway she said I can eat more veggies… ???

So, original high weight– 226; medifast starting weight– 220.6; NOW– 209.4!!


I went for it– low carb lifestyle…

Well, after all my deliberation I decided to give it a try– low carb. So, I’m on day 3 of Atkins Induction. I did the phase 2 atkins a couple years ago for a month and I remember really missing the carbs. Then I ate one carby thing and went full crazy for like 2 or 3 days. Hopefully this time I can follow the induction and graduate into the phases. Hoping following the specific guidelines will help me to do it in a way that I will be able to get rid of the cravings.

I’m currently down to 207.2 from 226! Thats about 19 pounds! So I accomplished goal 1 which was go get under 210. Actually stared at the scale this morning because the numbers looked so funny to see a zero in the middle. Will be real funny looking to see a 1 and not a 2 in the beginning. I can’t wait!! Goal 2 is under 200 pounds! I know when you first start a low carb program you drop some water weight, but hey, it’s still less I’m carrying around, right!

I do notice my clothes are getting a little bit more comfortable but they are still tight. But I feel it all over- my tummy, arms, face, legs, even fingers, lol. Oh, actually, I had been using a bra extender because all my bras had gotten so darn tight and I stopped using it a few days ago as they finally fit again! So 19 pounds spread throughout all my body isn’t quite as noticeable, but it’s gone! I don’t even think people can tell. It’s crazy that I let myself get so overweight that I can lose 20 pounds and it’s barely noticeable! But hey, at least I’m doing something about it! And certainly in ten more pounds I’m really going to feel it, my clothes will probably fit properly and in about 20 pounds more I think they will be a bit loose. That will keep me motivated! Also, of course, being able to comfortably go to the beach this summer with my kids πŸ™‚ And fitting in my mother’s wedding dress when I get married next year πŸ™‚

Ohh also since I started the low carb I am so friggin thirsty so I’m definitely drinking over 8 cups of water (and peeing a friggin lot)!

So on the menu for today:

Breakfast- omelet with 2 eggs, 3 sausage links, green pepper, a lil tomato and a tablespoon shredded cheddar cheese fried in 1 tbsp butter.

Lunch- Walking to 7-11 to get a chicken salad

Dinner- meatballs with melted cheese and a mixed greens salad with cucumbers, squash, and tomato with italian dressing.

Here’s to another successful, productive, non-food-obsessed, beautiful day!

I can do this- one day at a time (maybe some day it wont be so hard though, lol)

14 pounds down!

Well the scale is still moving in the right direction despite my bumps and hiccups that I keep fighting. I am now 212.4… Seems like it is forever until I’m under 200. It has been weeks already. Just have to keep it up and remember this is a lifestyle change, not a race, and despite how long it takes my health is improving each day.

Definitely considering the low carb diet but until I have an opportunity to plan my meals and get to the store I’m staying with the protein drinks.Β  Yesterday, however, I ate real food all day and tried to stay in moderation. It was hard to stop when my portion was finished but I did manage. My calories for yesterday were about 1500. Not bad, not great, but it was enough to keep losing a small bit at a time.

Absolutely exhausted and burnt out with the week. TGIF.


man, the last few days have been really, really difficult. My old eating patterns are coming back along with my thought patterns and guilt. i have been food obsessed and feeling uncomfortable. it really sucks.


breakfast- some of my protein drink- 150 and unplanned part of a cinnamon biscuit- 100- 250

then for lunch i didnt even drink my protein drink as i started picking at some chicken and rice and ended up eating the whole thing along with some cucumbers- 260

snack- orange 60 and goldfish crackers- 100 then a small apple 50= 210

when i came home i guess i was feeling discouraged as i didnt stick to my meal plan during the day and i had first 2 1/2 fish sticks 190 then i had 1 1/2 cookies- 120 then i had pretzels 130 =440

for dinner i had about 1/8 cup mashed potatoes 100 and a piece of meatloaf (<1/2 the size of last night) 175 and a half piece of bread- 40=315

also coffee with 3 tsp cream powder- 40

total so far- 1515

Calories could certainly be worse, but it’s not really that (although I did want to stay closer to 1200), it is more just that I am losing control, snacking too much, and just don’t feel good. I’m wondering if I should stop with the protein drinks and start doing a low carb plan as that has worked for me in the past. I just feel like I am always skipping around with diets. Maybe thats the problem is that this IS still a diet. I don’t really want to drink protein drinks forever I just don’t trust myself with food. I also don’t want to eat low carb forever, but again just don’t trust myself with food. It is so hard to start eating and then STOP. Its like a little taste of something and i just want MORE.

I’m thinking maybe since I have been successful with the slimfast (mostly) for a few weeks now that I could try a PLANNED healthy breakfast and lunch for two days and see if I can handle it. I will certainly have to pre-pack my portions and calculate the calories and what not. I need to do something that is more easily sustainable for the long term and stop looking at my life like a big diet. The thing is I feel like my body doesn’t handle carbs well. I always feel great on a low carb diet but mentally it is so hard for me. Maybe a moderately low carb meal plan? I especially hate low carbing with no fruit. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

I’m going to do some googling now…

coworker temptation

It is so difficult still to see everyone ordering take out at lunch almost every day. I have to say I definitely think about all the options for what I could order but can never rationalize the calories with myself so I haven’t indulged. It’s been about a month since I ordered out- at work or at home!! That is a pretty darn big accomplishment.

So this morning the scale said 213.4… No movement. I think one reason for that is that yesterday I indulged in chips and ice cream. Although my calories were around 1500 for the day, alot of the food was salty or sugary. I felt so bloated yesterday and still so this morning. It’s the first time I’ve eaten food like that in weeks and it didn’t go over well. I just didn’t feel as well as I have been and I know it was the salt and sugar. Carbs really bloat me up. I know I didn’t eat enough to gain any weight but I do know that to keep losing at a nice pace I need to keep my calories under 1400 and avoid all that salt and sugar. Whenever I go closer to 1500 the scale seems to stop moving.

So far today-

1/4 apple cinnamon whole grain muffin- 40

1 hard boiled egg- 80

protein drink- 165

orange- 60

1 cup broccoli-40

protein drink- 180


snack-? apple maybe, not hungry

dinner- meatloaf, 1/2 cup mashed potatoes, green beans (need to calculate) 500


grapes or popcorn also probably for dessert with my hot tea


Stay on track. One day at a time. I know it will get easier. I think I will have to start making some fresh fruit/green smoothies for breakfast so I don’t tire out of the slimfast. This morning I wasn’t really feeling it.

I also wish that I could eat like a 1/2 sandwich for lunch or some type of 200- 250 calorie lunch. Unfortunately, as of now I still don’t trust myself to be able to start eating and then TO STOP EATING. The smoothie is easy for me to control my calories. I need to look up ideas for healthy lunches and see if I can incorporate… maybe next week with another week under my belt with control. This overeating that I am fighting is an addiction and it’s so difficult because YOU HAVE TO EAT. Its not like where an alcoholic can just abstain. So for me I’m going to stick with my smoothie until I feel a bit stronger, especially after yesterdays snack attack.

Hope you are having a great day.

One day at a time!


Big events and food..

Today was a great day, my boys and I walked to the subway (about a mile) and went to the St. Patrick’s Day parade here in Washington DC. We have been going every year since they were born and it was awesome to see how much more aware they were this year at 3. They absolutely loved it! It was so much fun πŸ™‚ Of course with big events there is always food… so… the food trucks were there… ugh.. my boys wanted ice cream, of course, and rather than have my protein smoothie as planned I decided to grab a falafel sandwich. I haven’t had one in years and have been thinking about them recently. It actually really sucked. It wasn’t a good sandwich, especially for 375 calories (my best estimate after looking it up). I also had a few pieces of candy that they were throwing.

breakfast- banana protein smoothie- 270

snacks- candy 50

lunch- falafel sandwich- 375

snack- honey roasted cashews, 1/2 bag- 150

total so far- 845

dinner- small thin cut pork chop (pan fried) 120, baked potato 130 butter n sour cream 50, green beans 30=330

total- 1175

maybe some grapes/popcorn with my favorite show revenge tonight πŸ™‚

look at that, I still enjoyed (somewhat) a nice splurge on a sandwich for lunch and came in under my calories! just have to keep it up and stick to the meal plan i have made. im going to write my meal plan for the week today so that i wont have any more days like yesterday where i eat crap because i dont know what to eat for dinner and am hungry.

ohhhh and the scale said 213.6 this morning! I’m almost half way to my first goal of under 200! started at 226!! Getting so close πŸ™‚

hope you’re having a great day!

I love when the scale goes down!

12 pounds down, the scale says 214.0 pounds this morning! That was my goal for this weekend! Yay! I’m getting SO close to that under 200 goal. I can’t wait!! Soo awesome to be sticking to it! It is just THE BEST feeling to be doing this for myself! I can’t believe I got my bingeing and snacking under control and am eating healthy, doing this right. I’m not starving myself, not following a crazy diet, eating a healthy amount of calories and I feel great! I can do this forever! It’s really not even hard anymore.

Last night I did have to give myself the talk once. I had to ask myself did I really want that food (snickers ice cream), and how badly did I want it… in the end of course I decided I would rather be healthy and get under 200 pounds than eat that ice cream. It was like 200 calories for 1/2 cup and it just wasn’t enough ice cream to be worth the calories so I’m glad I didn’t.

Goals for this week- add in more fresh vegetables, take fruit to work, add in an exercise/be more active, and leave the table when I’m finished so I don’t get tempted.

Today’s menu:

pumpkin pie smoothie

carrots/celery and ranch

chocolate protein shake

pizza and a nice salad

fruit and hot tea

One day at a time is getting easier and easier! I just have to watch my triggers and avoid cravings so they don’t sneak up on me… I got this!!

Have a beautiful, wonderful, and healthy day!

One day at a time…

This morning the scale said 215.2, yay, almost 11 pounds down! My goal was 214 by Sunday so I might just make it! It’s so wierd how the scale will play around with you going up and down a bit for a few daysΒ and then drop a whole pound over night two days in a row! It’s such a love/hate relationship with the scale. I’m loving the downward trend that nevertheless is occuring πŸ™‚

yesterday I ended up totaling 1050 in calories. When I calculated at the end of the day I was surprised, I thought I would have fallen closer to 1300. I was not even hungry, did not even want to snack in the evening. I am really starting to be content in the evening with no snacks or just my bowl or popcorn or frozen grapes. It has become my routine I guess. I can’t believe I broke my snacking habit so quickly. During the day I pretty much just let myself snack on fruit, even if it ends up being alot of carb filled fruit, I figure I didn’t get fat eating fruit and it’s alot better than the other choices. It’s working quite well!

On the menu for today:

Breakfast- pumpkin smoothie

snack- fruit/veggies

lunch- slimfast

snack- fruits

dinner- hmmmm, I’m still not sure… Maybe spag with meatballs because I have some leftover and will probably make pizza for the kids. I’m not sure that I want pizza- I have to look at the calories- I really don’t like eating something that you barely get any food for 500 or 600 calories as I still like a plate full of food. It may change depending on all the temptations that will for sure be offered my way on a Friday at work. If something sounds so great that it’s really reallyΒ  hard to pass up then I may see if I can work it in for dinner after looking up the calories and whatnot. I’m also kind of in the mood for soup so we’ll see. -ill plan on 600 calories

dessert- probably a nice big 6 cup bag of popcorn for a wonderful 100 calories

total will probably be about 1300 for the day

I’m really annoyed that my back is hurting today. Ugh, I’m trying to lose weight back, just wait a bit and I’ll be carrying less around, please don’t give out on me!!! I really am going to have to incorporate some walking or something somehow (or an exercise tape?) until I can get a treadmill/elliptical. I think my core is just weak, I need to do strength training and stomach exercises to build it up as well as the cardio. I’m going to try to start this weekend with SOMETHING. Any home workout suggestions with no equipment?

Oh and my not smoking sucks. I smoked 3 cigarettes yesterday. Ugh. My fiance is going to be working out of town Mon-Wed for the next 3 weeks so I think that I will quit on Monday. At least then he won’t have to deal with my attitude ( I can barely deal with myself) and I won’t be around his damn cigarettes. I know I can do it!

So here’s to a healthy day full of beauty! Enjoy your day πŸ™‚